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Troy Joyner, PMP, President, has been engaged in sales and marketing, business management and project launches since 1994.

His enthusiastic and balanced approach to metrics driven launches has provided the insight for the BMega Launch blueprint and the BYOB Trustee Masterplan.

Early Life

Born in San Antonio, Texas. Raised in Minnesota. The grandson of Floyd Joyner, Minnesota State Champion Boxer, trainer and philanthropist. Troy was raised in the gyms to perform, compete and give back. His first job was selling candy door to door at age 9.

He excelled past his peers and competed with the older teenagers in daily sales and it was then the paradigm shift happened in his mind that he had a gift. A skillset that would allow him to create cashflow.

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Troy graduated from Wayzata high school and went on to the University of Minnesota business management program. He immediately started his first company, Down for Dirt Records. Troy was always a gifted writer and that skill developed in school so he wanted to do something with it. So, he started writing music and performing his own work in the studios and at local venues while selling Tapes and CDs.

During his second studio album release, he was introduced to a real estate developer who offered him the opportunity to invest in some rehab properties in his local neighborhood. Within 1 year, Troy acquired 18 rental units and a condominium downtown on the river, with a net worth of over 2 million dollars. He was 23 years old. 

Troy later went on to acquire his associates in business management, associates in paralegal studies specializing in commercial law and his PMP certification as a project management professional.

About Company

Bmega.Coach is a full service Consulting firm specializing Certified Project Management, Corporate structuring, Finance, asset protection and Blockchain development, ICO and NFT underwriting.

The BMega Launch Blueprint is a Sales and marketing fast track methodology which provides the step by step guide to launch, growth, training, scaling and a potential exit.

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Giving Back

Once Troy made the pivot from music to talk estate as a focus of income he discovered something very enlightening. Urban youth were highly attracted to and impacted by music. However, it was a narrow window of high level success which could affect generational wealth. During his recording sessions they were always younger guys and girls who would come hang out at the studio to learn and be mentored. So with the help of a mentor and his wife, Troy and his partner Orlando turned the studio into a school called Studio 4 High School for recording arts.

The idea was to offer core curriculum and studio recording electives while mentoring the youth about wealth, real estate and other trades. Using music as the magnet while Giving them the opportunity to stay motivated to graduate and see other wealth building opportunities as future options.

To this day studio 4 High School for recording arts has graduated thousands of students and has upgraded the facilities to buying out the old Bally’s Gym in University Ave and turning it into a world class recording and educational facility.

Personal Life

Troy is a proud father to two beautiful daughters, Gabby 17 and Kimani 22, and proud uncle to his first nephew Kenzo. The baby boy of the family. When Troy was a small boy, his grandmother would come visit from Texas. He promised her then that when he grew up, he would move his mom and himself back to Texas to be with her. Troy still takes care of his grandmother to this day. Coming from a huge family, having a stable loving family to lead and support is of high priority.

He moved his mother and family from Minnesota back to Texas as promised and has established himself as the cornerstone of his family just as his grandfather had shown him to do.

Troy’s favorite hobbies are reading about business, metaphysics and history, writing, swimming, playing tennis and creative brainstorming on new innovations in technology.


One of Troy’s creative downloads was an AI platform Called Coach.AI. Which is google assistant overlay with aggregated cryptocurrency specific data feeds to assist a novice into the world of blockchain and crypto wealth based on their own specific risk and preference profile. This project led Troy all over the world, establishing high level relationships with crypto pioneers. During this deep introspection into the core team of Bitcoin and the forks or spin-offs derived from the original, he came to realize that this is what Satoshi Nakamoto wanted: The Bitcoin core blockchain code to penetrate the entire economic landscape with a new system which was fair and transparent for all.

It’s a rebel movement.


Troy is an artist and Rebel with deep passion for the upliftment of melanated people. His deep historic and ancestral artisan spirit needed a platform and a voice to express itself in this new age of economic technology which is clearly a common calling and phenomenon amongst the tribes because the NFT breakthrough is a derivative of the evolution. is a NFT platform on the Bitcoin SV blockchain which allows gaming developers, music and film artists, digital artists to create new and inspired works based on the local rebels in their local economies and individual awareness and mint and auction these art pieces in a syndicated platform. Generating revitalized and new expressions of these historic Rebels, known and unknown to the world at large, but reborn in the new technology of blockchain for the world to embrace.

Coach Troy's Books

Hardball City

Katrina’s Baby: The Tale of Houston after Katrina… (Volume 1)

THE TALE OF HOUSTON AFTER KATRINA…..DOMINATION and REVENGE. Sandra “Jewel” Landau, a Ninth Ward New Orleans woman is forced out of her home by the devastating attack of Hurricane Katrina. She makes the transition to Houston to be with her mother, Francine Landau. Francine fled to Houston 15 years prior to escape the death, destruction and dark family secrets that she was convinced would destroy her Family, specifically, her 2 grandsons, Dwayne aka Fatso, and Purnell aka Prince. Francine is determined to give them a chance at a better future, but when Hurricane Katrina forces their Aunt Jewel back into their lives, hideous secrets are discovered and their perceptions are forever altered…The very secrets that Francine tried to escape will reveal themselves in the most horrific way imaginable and Boys will become Men….Welcome to HARDBALL CITY Vol. 1: KATRINA’S BABY.


Your Crypto Concierge

HELPMECOACH.AI is a masterful AI project which addresses 2 critical conditions in separate phases.

Phase 1: Public service utility
HELPMECOACH.AI combines a voice activated Artificial Intelligence Assistant interface which is fully integrated with instantly accessible and current crypto market data, core wealth building strategies of cryptocurrency technology with crowdfunding, traditional fiat Profit sharing and immediate access to spendable capital via a globally accepted debit card.

Phase 2: COACHai protocol
A 3rd generation Blockchain communication layer allowing artificial intelligence technologies the ability to transact on multiple Blockchains, seamlessly. The natural progression of crypto AI will present a substantial challenge which will demand an immediate solution for continued growth and development. COACHai protocol will provide that solution.

How To be King

The 4 Executive moves to OWN and CONTROL your Impenetrable Kingdom

1. Triangle Offense: Personal and business Credit, Corp strategy, Trust
2. Capital Creator: Passive Income Vehicles
3. Redemption Blueprint: Ownership
4. Navigator of the Crown


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Our team has done a deep dive and one of the biggest issues facing new participants in this industry is Onboarding: transitioning from fundamental fiat market knowledge and utility to cryptocurrency market knowledge and utility. Let’s face it, for many, stepping into the cryptoverse is like stepping into the twilight zone.

The Artificial Intelligence Tech Affiliate Project.
COACHai is a masterful AI project which addresses 2 critical conditions in separate phases. Public service utility: HELPMECOACH combines a voice activated Artificial Intelligence Assistant interface which is fully integrated with instantly accessible and current crypto market data. COACHai protocol: A 3rd generation Blockchain communication layer allowing artificial intelligence technologies the ability to transact on multiple Blockchains, seamlessly.